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Eboniè P. Fields is a poet, writer, and children’s book author of the adventurous tale of Zenie and the Magical Hummingbirds and Zoey and the Magical Hummingbirds. Fields enjoys using her writing talents to create exciting and vivid stories for children of all ages to read. She has the creative talents to descriptively allow your imagination to put you inside the story, taking you on an incredible journey with her charismatic characters.

Fields has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Baylor University, and a Master’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from Texas Women’s University. Fields has years of experience writing for local papers, tv stations and corporate websites. In 2008 she was awarded Rising Star in American Women in Radio & Television, and selected as a nominee for Houston Business Journal’s 40 under 40 Award in 2014.

Fields was born in Wilmington, DE, but grew up in Houston, TX since the age of 10. She now resides in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband and two adorable kids. She enjoys traveling, playing board games with family, and volunteering with local advocacy centers and women’s groups. She is a certified crisis hotline advocate for criminal victims and children, and a Sworn-In Court Appointed Child Advocate. Her volunteer work in the community has driven her passion to write stories and poems that bring joy and adventure to children all around the world.

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December 7, 2020

Zoey and the Magical Hummingbirds is an exciting and wonderful tale of a little girl’s enchanted adventure through the island of Jamaica. After the birth of a new baby sister, the little girl becomes jealous and decides to run away from home. While on her road to find a new home, she meets two beautiful and charming hummingbirds, who take her on a magical journey to find new places and new things. Through her fun-filled journey, she meets new friends along the way who teach her the importance of treasuring a loving family.

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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside.”

Maya Angelou

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